MLA Resources, Inc.

MLA Resources was incorporated in 1981 to meet the recruitment needs of the energy industry. our confidential search method has provided employers with key personnel such as:

  • Executives
  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Petroleum Engineers
  • Land Men
  • Computer Analysts
  • Accountants


  • Experienced recruiters highly skilled in conducting confidential searches and marketing your company's advantages.
  • Specialization in the energy industry for a thorough understanding of the technology and operating environments that impact your manpower needs.
  • Widespread industry contacts, supplemented by a computer database, utilizing the utmost in modern technology, that allows us to quickly access those individuals that meet your specifications.
  • Careful screening and interviewing to insure that only highly qualified individuals with a genuine interest in your position are referred. Formal reference checks are provided upon request.
  • Close monitoring of communications between clients and candidates to ensure a successful two-way hiring process.
  • Detailed follow-up to keep you informed on the progress of the search, aware of any problems that develop and a successful completion of the assignment. 


MLA Resources, Inc. also provides a variety of other services:

  • Organizational Studies- to help identify optimal solutions to problems of management structure.
  • Position Specifications- to define precise requirements and develop an effective search strategy.
  • Compensation Studies- to evaluate salary and incentive programs, or merely determine competitive pay levels for individual positions.
  • Employment Seminars- to prepare management to hire more effectively.


Our fees, on either a contingency or retained basis, are available upon request. For more information contact us at 918 877-3202, or email